Forapro Template Matching

(Fourier coefficients of Radial Projections)

H. Y. Kim, “Rotation-Discriminating Template Matching Based on Fourier Coefficients of Radial Projections with Robustness to Scaling and Partial Occlusion,” Pattern Recognition, vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 859-872, March 2010.

Forapro template matching demonstration programs:

Note: the above programs are intended only for testing the ideas developed in the paper, and thus many parameters were purposely left to be set by hand.


The source Forapro program:

Note1: To compile this program, install (the latest version of) Proeikon and write:
c:\directory>cpv forapro3

Note 2: I am not sure if the source program exactly matches the executable program in

Note 3: The source program of Proeikon library is not available (at this moment).

1. Installation

This program is to be executed in Windows XP, although probably it will run correctly under other Windows versions.
Download and uncompress FORAPRO.ZIP in a folder, say, c:\forapro.
The following 54 files will be uncompressed:


aa?.jpg      8 images to analyze, used in test A

aq??.jpg     12 query images, used in tests A and B

ba?.jpg      8 images to analyze, used in test B (occlusion)

ca?.jpg      8 images to analyze, used in test C (scaling)

cq??.jpg     9 query images, used in test C (scaling)


cxcore100.dll    Executable forapro.exe and DLLs







runtest-a.bat    Batch files




2. Test A

Execute the command:


This command will generate:

at??.pgm   12 stable template images

an?.ppm    8 processed images using NCC

ah?.ppm    8 processed images using Hough


3. Test B (occlusion)

Execute the command:


This command will generate:

bp?.ppm    8 processed images using occlusion-resistant Hough


4. Test C (scaling)

Execute the command:


This command will generate:

cp?.ppm    8 processed images using scaling-resistant Hough


Note: If the program does not run, you must install the following VC-2005 redistributables:
The same program can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft's site: